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IRON HORSE Seating 3D Armrest Installation

The following post outlines the required tools and steps needed to install your IRON HORSE Seating 3D Armrests. You may also use the IRON HORSE Seating – 3D Armrest Installation video as a visual aid to guide you during the replacement process as well.



  • Allen Wrench – optional



Step #1 – Prepare Area and Chair for Work

  • Adjust the height of the chair if needed.


Step #2 – Removal of the Adjustment Knob

  • Loosen the knob located on the bottom of your new 3D armrest.
  • Once the knob is loose, unscrew it completely from the bottom of the armrest.
  • NOTE – make sure not to lose the washer on the knob.


Step #3 – Installation of the Armrests

  • Line up the bottom bracket with the mounting flange located below the seat cushion, on either side. This is a very precise fit so it has to be aligned carefully.
  • Slide the armrest until the armrest stops.
  • Screw the knob in until it is tight.
  • NOTE – make sure each knob has their respective washer before screwing into the armrest.