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IRON HORSE Seating 3000 Series Tilt Mechanism Replacement

The following post outlines the required tools and steps needed to replace your IRON HORSE Seating 3000 Series Tilt Mechanism. You may also view the IRON HORSE Seating 3000 Series – Tilt Mechanism Replacement video as a visual aid to guide you during the replacement process.



• 3/8” Long-Handle Ratcheting Wrench

• 3/8” Electric Impact Gun (Optional)

• Safety Glasses

• Cardboard – to protect the chair from the floor



Step #1 – Prepare Area and Chair for Work

• Recline backrest to 45-degree angle.

• Place the chair facing down so the five-star base is in the air.

Step #2 – Removal of the Tilt Mechanism (with Shock and Five-Star Base)

• Using the 3/8” ratcheting wrench and the 9/16” socket, break loose and remove the four (4) bolts holding the tilt mechanism.

o NOTE – Remove the upper bolts last while holding the tilt mechanism to keep it from falling.

• Remove the old tilt mechanism with the shock and five-star base still attached as well.

Step #3 – Install the New Tilt Mechanism

• Prep your hardware for ease of installation.

o NOTE – each bolt should consist of one (1) lock washer and two (2) flat washers.

• Begin by aligning the new tilt mechanism to the four (4) bolting points and hand-thread the four (4) bolts.

• Tighten the bolts using the ratcheting wrench and 9/16” socket.

o NOTE – you can utilize the electrical impact gun to tighten the bolts as well.

Step #4 – Install the Shock and Five-Star Base

• Insert the new shock into the tilt mechanism.

• Slide the new five-star base onto the bottom of the shock.

Step #5 – Install the Casters on the new Five-Star Base

• Place a washer on the end of each caster stem.

• Push the stem of each caster into the hole located at the end of each leg on the five-star base.