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IRON HORSE Seating 3000 Series Backrest Cover Replacement Instructions

The following post outlines the required tools and steps needed to replace your IRON HORSE Seating 3000 Series backrest cover. You may also view the IRON HORSE Seating 3000 Series – Backrest Cover Replacement  video for use as a visual aid by clicking the provided link.



  • 3/8” Long-Handle Ratcheting Wrench
  • 3/8” Electric Impact Gun (Optional)
  • Snap Utility Knife
  • Safety Glasses



Step #1 – Prepare Area and Chair for Work

  • Remove the headrest.


Step #2 – Remove Armrests

  • Remove the armrests by unfastening the two (2) ¼” Allen Bolts securing each armrest.


Step #3 – Backrest Cover Removal

  • Un-Velcro the cover.
  • Unzip the backrest cover.
  • Un-clip cover from the frame.


Step #4 – Remove Headrest Guides & Backrest Cover

  • Remove headrest guides prior to the backrest cover by squeezing the guides together at the end tips.
  • Remove the backrest cover by carefully pulling the cover from the backrest foam.


Step #5 – Place Template Bolts for Armrests

  • CRITICAL – place the two (2) ¼” Allen bolts in each armrest’s bolting points.


Step #6 – Replace the Backrest Cover

  • Turn the backrest cover inside-out to ease installation.
  • Install and work the cover onto the foam.
  • Pull the cover evenly and tightly.
  • Clip the cover to the frame and zip the cover shut.
  • Velcro the bottom of the cover together like the original cover.


Step #7 – Remove the Template Bolts

  • Using the utility knife, cut around the template bolts to secure armrest placement.
  • Remove template bolts.


Step #8 – Reinstall the Armrests

  • Push the black aluminum spacers into the template bolt cut-outs.
  • Holding one armrest at a time, hand thread and secure the armrest. Move the armrest around as necessary to ensure the screws are aligned with the threaded hole.
  • Secure armrest.


Step #9 – Install the Headrest Guides

  • Feel for the headrest guide holes by pressing down on top of the chair. Cut the new headrest guide holes using the snap utility knife. Make sure to keep the cuts smaller than the headrest guides – do not overcut.
  • Reinstall the headrest guides. Insert the headrest guides and twist to lock. No part of the cuts should be visible after the headrest guides are inserted.
  • NOTE – the push button on the headrest guide should face outward. If the headrest guide is not inserted correctly, the backrest cover will need to be unzipped to release and reposition the guide.
  • Insert the headrest into the headrest guides.